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Rural Minnesota Energy Board Issues First PACE Project

August 12, 2014

Blue Line Travel CenterThursday, August 7th will be a day remembered as the true ‘kick-off’ of the Rural Minnesota Energy Board’s PACE program—and it happened in style. Senator Al Franken made a stop at the Blue Line Travel Center to commemorate the first PACE project in the Rural Minnesota Energy Board territory. Larry and Deb Potter of the Blue Line will undertake a $74,000 outdoor lighting retrofit project which will replace all the bulbs in the outdoor canopy, building fascia, and pole fixtures with high efficiency LED fixtures.

The project will be financed by the Rural Minnesota Energy Board’s PACE program. Preliminary estimates project a savings of more than $14,000 in annual energy savings which more than offsets the payments on the project. This means the business will see an immediate improvement on the bottom line.

Franken addressed the group of nearly 25 supporters saying “It’s really a win-win situation. Not only do you improve your energy efficiency and use less power, you save money. You save money every year once retrofits have been installed and then you can reinvest that money, whether it is in hiring other people or maybe expanding or making other improvements. That’s why I have been a champion of retrofits a long time.”

The Blue Line Travel Center construction phase will begin in late August with a completion date in September 2014.

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