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Recent Woody Biomass Developments

May 7, 2014

Woody-Biomass HandRecently, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced several exciting news items on biomass businesses in Minnesota we thought you should know about:

Segetis announces Minnesota’s Hoyt Lakes for the location of their commercial facility.  See the link below on development plans for the Laskin Energy Facility in Hoyt Lakes.  Segetis is a company that MN Business First Stop has been working with for the last couple of years that makes levulinic acid which is a biochemical building block for a variety of other products.  This company is currently located in the Twin Cities area but will be commercializing in NE MN.  We are excited about the possibility to produce this biochemical building block from wood in Minnesota.


Forest Service releases second round of Statewide Wood Energy Team Cooperative Grant Agreements.  Last year, MN was successful in being selected as one of five states nationwide to receive funding for our Statewide Wood Energy Team.  USFS has just released another round of funding and is encouraging states to apply.  These grants are targeted at advancing high efficiency wood energy systems that have the capacity to use forest resources.    For more information, visit:   Application deadline is May 20th, 2014.


Forest Service releases another round of Hazardous Fuel to Energy grants. The U.S. Forest Service requests proposals for wood energy projects that require engineering services necessary for final design and cost analysis. The Hazardous Fuels Wood to Energy (W2E) Grant Program will fund projects for which some or all the woody biomass is generated from National Forest Service System lands as a result of hazardous fuel treatments, forest restoration activities insect and disease mitigation, catastrophic weather events, or thinning overstocked stands.


Biomass App and Community Handbook available for understanding and estimating costs savings with high efficiency wood energy systems now available.  The Forest Service today also released an eBook which contains a Wood Energy Financial App that allows users to do a simple and quick analysis to see if wood energy is a viable alternative for their community or small business. The App, which can be accessed from the Web or an eBook, is available at  The App and eBook were developed through a partnership with Dr. Dennis Becker, associate professor and Dr. Steve Taft, extension economist at the University of Minnesota; Eini Lowell, wood technology specialist at the Pacific Northwest Research Station; Dan Bihn, engineer at Bihn Systems and Roy Anderson, senior consultant at The Beck Group.


MN Statewide Wood Energy Team

MN’s Statewide Wood Energy Team (SWET) ramps up facility visits.  MN’s Statewide Wood Energy Team is beginning to increase the number of on-site facility evaluations performed to help commercial scale facilities reliant on delivered fuels understand the benefits of high efficiency wood energy systems.  These half day site analyses are free to the facility and present facility owners with a condensed report of their wood energy options.  To learn more about eligibility or to schedule a facility visit, please contact: or visit:


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