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Fruits of the City’s New “Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide”

February 4, 2014

Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide

The Minnesota Project’s Fruits of the City program is pleased to announce the release of our new Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide.  This publication is full of helpful tips, best practices and useful resources for the home fruit tree owner or hobby orchardist.  With contributions from local experts such as Jeffrey Johnson of the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide covers a variety of topics from watering, mulching and fruit ripeness to staking, training and pruning.  The Guide also covers the most common pests and diseases that Minnesota fruit trees face and provides readers with a variety of options for maintaining tree health.

The Minnesota Project is offering this guide as a thank you to all of those who have supported the Fruits of the City program over the years. By sharing the Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide with our community, we hope to empower local fruit tree owners with the tools and “know-how” to best care for their trees and ultimately improve upon the quality and quantity of fruit that we can share with those in need.

Our partnering fruit tree owners, class participants and volunteers make this program possible.  With your contributions, Fruits of the City was able to harvest and deliver over 128,000 pounds of fresh and healthy fruit to 31 local food shelves in 2013!  Together, we can have an even greater impact in the years to come.  Hunger in Minnesota has doubled over the past five years.  During these difficult times, access to healthy and fresh fruits is especially important for families struggling to make ends meet.

The Fruit Tree Maintenance Guide is available as a free digital download at  Printed copies are available for $5.50 ( to cover the costs of shipping and printing). To receive a copy, please send a check made out to “The Minnesota Project” to 1885 University Ave W. Suite 315 St. Paul, MN 55104.

In addition to our new guide, be sure to check out all of our upcoming Fruits of the City classes on our Education Page!  Attending one of our regular classes is a great way to meet other fruit tree hobbyists, get hands-on tree care experience and learn in person from local experts.

We look forward to working with you in 2014 as we build upon our fruit gleaning efforts, work with communities to establish new edible landscapes and continue our series of tree care classes and workshops.  To stay up-to-date with all the latest Fruits of the City news and activities, be sure to “like” us on Facebook at, “follow” us on Twitter at and visit us at

A financial gift to continue our gleaning efforts and to offset our program costs is always accepted and can be made online at:

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support!

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