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Installation Considerations: LED Bulbs in Agriculture

June 28, 2013

Poultry can see more of the light spectrum than humansTMP staff members have seen a few advertisements for residential LED and CFL lights that offer significant decreases in agricultural electricity costs with just a “simple bulb swap.”

Now, don’t get us wrong – we love low-energy lighting technology – but producers might want to consider the durability of any LED or CFL bulb advertised for both domestic and agricultural lighting.  Most people do not keep their living rooms in humid, dusty, and 90-degree conditions.  And most turkeys do not prefer over-stuffed couches with ambient reading light.  In other words, do not be fooled by any “cool” factor these residential light posers offer.  Think twice about a “simple bulb swap” because it ain’t that simple.

There are LED lights specifically designed for agriculture.  Companies like ONCE Innovations out of Plymouth, MN (our project partner) manufacture LED lights specifically for gnarly barn conditions.  Our LED Lights for Poultry project is giving ONCE Innovation’s products a test run, and so far so good.  We suggest producers take the time to read materials from neutral sources like the University of Arkansas  or Iowa State University, and articles that contain proper attribution and analysis such this article from Service Concepts.

TMP is convinced that LED lights are a smart investment for producers.  Regardless, be sure to hone in on the proper LED bulb for your barn conditions by studying up first.  If you have any LED bulb questions, please feel free to call on us (651-789-3330) as an information
resource.  We’d be happy to – dare we say it – enlighten you.



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