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Former TMP Leader Wins Earth Caretaker Award

April 16, 2013

Former Clean Energy Program Manager, Ryan Stockwell, was recently awarded the Earth Caretaker AwardRyanStockwell by the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for his work on renewable energy and practice of no-till farming techniques.  Stockwell served as The Minnesota Project’s Clean Energy Program Manger from 2007-2009 where he focused on developing anaerobic digesters and renewable energy opportunities.

Stockwell majored in Social Change and Development and History at UW-Green Bay, graduating  in 2001.  He earned a master’s degree in History at Miami University and a PhD  in History from the University of Missouri before coming to The Minnesota Project.  He left the organization in 2009 to return to his family farm and serve as Agriculture Program Manager for the National Wildlife Federation, where he continues to advocate for smart agriculture policy that reduces impacts to wildlife and natural resources. He also provides strategic leadership in eliminating barriers to farmer adoption of cover crops.

Stockwell, his wife Stephanie and their three sons (pictured with ice cream)  live in Medford, WI where they farm using no-till and cover crop practices.Stockwell Kids

Stockwell will be a guest speaker at the EMBI conference to be held April 22-24 at UW-Green Bay. The EMBI conference will include a panel discussion on genetically modified organisms, a focus on the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Project and a conference on food and local sustainability.

The Minnesota Project congratulates Ryan on his award, his contributions to TMP, and his many successes.  Our hats are off to you, Ryan.

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