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Garden Gleaning Project Toolkit

March 5, 2013


The Garden Gleaning Project has been working to increase access to healthy food for those in need by creating collaborations between gardeners and food shelves since 2011.  In this time we’ve facilitated nearly 30,000 lbs of fresh vegetable donations to local food shelves. Along the way we’ve kept track of the strategies we’ve used to build relationships between gardeners and food shelves with the hope of someday sharing our findings and best practices and assisting communities everywhere in improving access to healthy foods.   All of our work has been documented and included in our newly published Garden Gleaning Project Toolkit!

This Toolkit is designed to give food shelves and gardeners in their communities “tools” to build a strong working foundation and to more effectively facilitate the increased access of homegrown produce that is available.

For gardeners, this toolkit provides resources and advice for how to best partner with your nearby food shelf.  It provides practical advice on figuring out what to grow, how to pack produce for donation, setting up a donating system, legality and liability, safe food handling, and much more.

For food shelves, it is a handy guide for starting or developing a gleaning program to support your food shelf with more neighborhood sourced produce donations.  It covers various strategies food shelves can take for reaching out to growers, building relationships in your neighborhood, and tracking and managing fresh food donations.

“Dig in” and check out the entire toolkit HERE.  We invite you to participate in the Garden Gleaning Project.  Let us know your thoughts about this toolkit and your recommendations for improving its usefulness for more people.  Send comments and recommendations to

Working together, we will achieve our shared goals of building a world where we bring down the barriers to eating healthy foods!

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