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Winter is the Season for Fruit Tree Pruning

November 26, 2012

Dormant (winter) season is the time to prune your fruit trees!  If pruning takes place during warm weather, when trees are actively growing, there is a much higher risk of fatal infection for your trees.

Fruits of the City (a program of the Minnesota Project) is offering a fruit tree pruning and training class at ICA Food Shelf 12990 St. Davids Rd. Minnetonka, MN from 10am to 3pm on December 1st, 2012.  The class will be taught by Jeffrey Johnson, a University of Minnesota horticulturalist with 30 years of experience.

This class will consist of two sessions: a classroom lecture from 10-12pm on the latest theory and practical applications for pruning and training, and an outdoors demonstration and hands-on practice session from 1-3pm at a nearby location.  Between the two sessions is a one hour lunch break.  You are welcome to bring a bag lunch or eat at nearby destinations.  Please bring warm winter clothes, gloves, and water.

Specific topics to be addressed include fruit production and tree longevity optimization, maintenance minimization, ease of harvest, and pesticide applications.  During the outdoor session, students will work on trees directly using hand pruners, handsaws, pole saws, loppers, and spreaders.

The cost for this workshop is $30.  Advance registration is required through or by contacting Fruits of the City via email ( or phone (651-789-3321)

Fruits of the City is made possible through the generous support of SUPERVALU and General Mills Foundations.

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