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New Case Studies: Rural Minnesota Works Toward Sustainable Future.

November 14, 2012


Over the past few months, The Minnesota Project has been working with the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) partnership to encourage communities all over Minnesota – from International Falls to Fairmont – to consider renewable energy options as a way to make their operations more efficient and cost effective.

Because they often lack access to currently inexpensive natural gas, many rural communities in Minnesota, are forced to use expensive delivered fossil fuels like propane or heating oil for citywide heating needs. However new technologies, such as solar thermal hot air or biomass furnaces, can present sustainable, cost effective options.

In an effort to help tell the story of renewable energy potential in rural Minnesota, The Minnesota Project has created two case studies of separate governmental entities that are using sustainable technologies to help meet their heating needs.

The case studies contained in the link below tell the story of Franklin, MN and the biomass boiler it is using to heat multiple city buildings, as well as the Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport, which is using solar thermal technology to heat a maintenance shed on their premises. Both stories are prime examples of rural Minnesota communities looking toward long term, sustainable solutions to replace rising heating costs tied to expensive fossil fuels.

To take a look at both case studies, visit The Minnesota Project’s website.

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