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Turkey Producers Find Big Savings in LED Lamps.

November 12, 2012

In 2011, The Minnesota Project proposed and received CARD grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources, for a project to look at the energy savings, performance and durability of using LEDs in Minnesota poultry facilities.

To date, The Minnesota Project and team partner Once Innovations has installed and monitored over 900 lamps at the facilities of five producers, spanning nine barns.  In addition, the team is in the process of finalizing lighting plans with two additional producers and is attempting to identify three other producers for inclusion in the project.  Throughout this time, The Minnesota Project has been talking with producers about how the lamps have been performing, and working with utilities regarding the potential for designing future CIP programs for the technologies.

The Minnesota Project’s Mid-Point Report, which provides an introduction to the poultry industry, a rundown of the early project participants and associated energy savings, and initial insights from the first half of the project, was recently posted on the Division of Energy Resource’s website.  See the whole report HERE.

(Pictured above:  note the new LED lamps (on the left) and the older lamps on the right)


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