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Fruits and Vegetables can be Healthy AND Fun

July 16, 2012

That was the title of the nutrition demonstration given by our Minnesota Project intern Sara Denzer at the CAPI garden block party last Saturday.  Here, kids could learn about the different fruit and vegetable colors by saying their favorite color and naming a fruit or vegetable that color. Next, they learned what nutrients were in fruits and vegetables that help them grow, have energy, and heal.

These nutrients include:

  • Vitamin A, which is good for skin and eyes
  • B Vitamins which help give you energy and for tissue and muscle growth
  • Vitamin C, which is good for teeth and gums and helps heal cuts
  • Vitamin E found in vegetable oils such as olive oil and edamame (young soybeans) provide good fats
  • Fiber, which helps with the digestive system and is good for the heart (can help lower bad cholesterol)
  • Calcium, which is needed for bones
  • Potassium, which regulates blood pressure
  • and Iron, which brings oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream.

Different color fruits and vegetables are higher in different nutrients and having a “rainbow” of them during the week will provide good nutrient balance.




There was also an activity for the kids to make their own no bake veggie pizza. Vegetables used were tomatoes, carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, green bell pepper, and black beans. The kids were encouraged to chose their favorite colors, and one young man even tried green peppers and yellow squash for the first time and liked them!


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