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Behind the Scenes of a Farm Energy Audit

April 2, 2012

Now that the inaugural round of our Farm Energy Auditor Training Program is over, we are looking forward to the impact it may have on helping Minnesota farmers save energy and money as the program graduates begin conducting farm energy audits throughout the state. To offer a glimpse at what the audit process looks like, The Minnesota Project is producing a short web video. We hope it will give farmers and potential energy auditors a feel for what to expect during an energy audit.

Dan makes sure the mic is picking up properly. His equipment got put to the test.

On March 20, Jake Fischer, and I drove out to a dairy near Rice, MN with Dan Thiede, Communications Coordinator with CERTs. There we met with energy auditors Jennifer Brinker and Joe Schultz, of GDS Associates, as well as Alex, one of the students in the Farm Energy Auditor Training Program, who had been conducting an audit on this dairy for his final project. We donned boot covers or else disinfected our boots and talked with the dairy owner and his son about the farm. With their experience in providing farm energy audits, Jennifer and Joe described the process and carried much of the screen time. Meanwhile, Dan ran the camera and somehow managed to it and the microphone out of the copious mud from the past few days’ rain.

After a few hours looking at the dairy’s equipment and asking questions about the farm’s energy use and operations, we had enough footage and information to put together our web video, and Alex had completed his energy audit. Stay tuned for the final video soon. And in the meantime, take a look at these behind-the-scenes photos of our farm energy audit video shoot.

UPDATE (4/16/2012): The video is finished! Take a look and please share it with your networks.

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