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LED Pilot Project Continues Through December

December 28, 2011

Throughout this busy holiday month The Minnesota Project has continued its progress on testing the performance of LED lamps in poultry facilities. We finalized relationships and purchased lamps for our first two program participants, Flying C Farms, near Sleepy Eye, MN and P&J Products, near Northfield, MN. While we’ll be providing a more in-depth look at each of these producers in future blog entries, we wanted to congratulate each of these producers on taking part in this cutting edge project. We’re hopeful the technology works well for their operations, cutting energy costs and providing a better, healthier growing environment for the poultry.

Once Innovations' AgriShift LED Light

Once Innovations' AgriShift LED Poultry Light

With multiple potential relationships developing, The Minnesota Project and Once Innovations are excited to continue signing up poultry growers for this LED pilot project. By agreeing to participate in the pilot project, producers are allowed the opportunity to obtain a sizeable cost share for installing Once Innovations’ LED poultry lamps. In exchange for this cost share, each of the producers agrees to allow The Minnesota Project to collect data necessary for a report outlining the performance – in both durability and energy use – of the LED lamps. Once the initial installation takes place, The Minnesota Project will work with the producers to monitor the performance of the lamps and will then produce a report outlining the impacts of the pilot project.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this project was developed as a proposal for the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Division of Energy Resources, which runs a Conservation Applied Research and Development Fund. This fund is utilized to develop projects and ideas that can help Minnesota meet its stated energy efficiency goals of reducing energy sales 1.5% every year solely through energy efficiency programs.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Minnesota Project’s LED Lamp Pilot Project!

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