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December Energy Efficiency Updates

December 19, 2011

The other day we received a nice note in the mail from one of the winners in the drawing we held at the Midwest Dairy Expo. She wrote to say they had received the block heater timer and that her son was excited to use it for the tractor this winter, allowing the heater to kick on for only a few hours as opposed to leaving it running all night or facing the prospect of waking at 4am to flip it on in the frigid night air. She also mentioned that, as a result of visiting the booth at the Dairy Expo, her husband and son had purchased a number of LED lights for use in their barn. It’s inspiring to see people taking charge of their energy use, and it’s also nice to know that our presence at the Midwest Dairy Expo had an impact.

Though the weather this year is allowing us to ease into winter, you may still be thinking about your own energy usage at home and how you can be more efficient. Ken Paulman recently touched on this topic in Midwest Energy News, pointing to the incentives available from many local utilities for undertaking a home energy audit.  Check with your local utility to see what they might offer.

In the meantime, to give you ideas for where to start in your improvements (along with a few laughs), here is a fun video series by Energy Impact Illinois on energy efficiency.

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