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New Farm Energy Efficiency Fact Sheet Offers Solutions for Dairies

November 21, 2011

The Minnesota Project is working to increase awareness and encourage farm improvements that lead to lower energy costs and higher profits. Since receiving support from the Otto Bremer Foundation, we’ve been reaching out to dairymen and electric cooperatives to build connections and assist with resources to help farmers make their dairy operations more sustainable and cost effective. One of these resources is a new, dairy-focused fact sheet in our series of Farm Energy Efficiency publications.

The fact sheet offers some key facts about energy use on a dairy farm (for example, did you know the average dairy uses between 800 and 1,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity per cow, annually?), as well as opportunities for saving energy and money through both routine maintenance and technology upgrades. Also included are bullet points on common utility rebates, along with links to further information for those who want to delve deeper.

Open a PDF of the fact sheet "Energy Efficient Farms: Dairies"

Open a PDF of the fact sheet

It is our hope that this fact sheet will be an educational tool that electric cooperatives can provide to their customers, in turn supporting utilities’ own energy efficiency efforts. For dairy farmers, we hope it will provide an overview of many energy efficiency options and serve as a jumping-off point for pursuing ways to make dairy operations less energy intensive and more profitable.

The Otto Bremer Foundation’s mission is to assist people in achieving full economic, civic and social participation in and for the betterment of their communities. Similarly, The Minnesota Project champions the sustainable production and equitable distribution of energy and food in communities across Minnesota. By controlling energy costs, farmers can reinvest resources in their families and operations. Ultimately, we believe these efforts will help ensure healthy and vibrant communities into the future.

Take a look at the fact sheet. Pass it along to your utility and any dairy farmers you might know. In the comments let us know if you have other tips for improving the energy efficiency of dairies, or if you have ideas for future Farm Energy Efficiency fact sheets and publications. If you’re a dairy farmer yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help you research possible efficiency upgrades and take advantage of the rebates that many utilities offer.

In the meantime, watch for us at the Midwest Dairy Expo on November 29 and 30 in St. Cloud. We’ll have a booth in the exhibit space and be giving away a free farm energy audit! We’re looking forward to meeting folks and connecting them with tools and information for saving energy and money.

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