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The Minnesota Project Begins Work On Pilot LED Lighting Program

November 8, 2011

With support from the Division of Energy Resources at The Minnesota Department of Commerce, The Minnesota Project recently began work on a pilot project to test the energy efficiency, performance and durability of LED lighting in livestock facilities. To carry out the project, The Minnesota Project will collaborate with Once Innovations, a Plymouth based company that works to improve the lives and profits of farmers and their animals with energy-saving, cost-effective lighting technology.

With funds from the Office of Energy Security’s Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) Grant Program, the LED lighting systems specifically designed for harsh farming conditions will be installed in poultry barns across the state. These systems will be monitored for actual energy use and performance through one year to provide an example of the energy savings potential and dependability of LED technology for both farmers and the utility industry.

This project is aimed to assist farmers and rural electric cooperatives to meet their Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) goals and the standards set forth through The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, and its energy efficiency resource standard. Minnesota’s large turkey industry is specifically targeted in this study as the Act requires alternative options to the incandescent and florescent lights currently used in their facilities. The study will also examine the potential for production gains associated with implementing this specifically designed lighting technology. With the results, The Minnesota Project hopes to exhibit the potential for LED implementation of farms in Minnesota and inform future energy efficiency decision-making throughout the state.

If you’d like to be part of our initiatives in providing more sustainable and equitable tomorrows for farmers support The Minnesota Project on Give to the Max Day on Nov. 16!


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