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Success needs more Hands!!

August 26, 2011
Great Help!!!

Volunteer Gleaners at Rush City Orchard 8/20/11

Our Fruits of the City program has more trees ready to harvest than what we have volunteer gleaners to handle.

You can help by registering for a gleaning at:  and by passing this message on to friends, family, co-workers and others you think want to help end hunger in Minnesota!

When you get to the Fruits of the City Volunteer Hub site, simply sign on by registering and you’ll see a list of upcoming gleanings that you can help with.  This makes everyone’s work much easier, you’ll get an automatic notification confirming your registration and updates to when new events are added.

Remember our goal is to increase our harvest to 36,000 lbs. of fruit this year or 6,500 family servings.  We’re well on our way, we just need lots of hands to help gather that harvest.  This is a direct way that you can help achieve the mission of:  Getting Fresh Fruit to Those in Need!!  You can make an impact!

An Overview of the Program:

Fruits of the City finds home owners with trees who don’t want or need all their fruit. Then we organize and train teams of 5-6 volunteers to harvest that fruit for donation to local food shelves.

We have weekly gleanings on Thursday evenings 6 – 8 pm and most Saturday mornings 10 am – noon.  We try to get to several homes in the metro area each gleaning session and pick about 100 – 150 lbs. of mostly apples.

Your help can make a big difference!  If you would like to help us glean for food shelves go to our website  and click on the  button or  to register, view upcoming gleanings, and sign up for the ones you are interested in.

By registering you will be electronically notified of upcoming gleanings

For more information see our website

Questions?  Contact Heidi at or 651-789-3321

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