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Fruits of the City Growing Thanks To Support From SUPERVALU and General Mills Foundations

March 1, 2011

The Minnesota Project is proud to announce that it recently received very important funding commitments from both SUPERVALU and General Mills foundations for its innovative Fruits of the City Program. This initiative,­­ which started in 2009, aims to capture fresh fruit from communities throughout Minnesota that would otherwise go to waste and redistribute it to those in need.

In its inaugural year, The Minnesota Project partnered with Second Harvest and dedicated volunteers to glean over 15,000 pounds of fruits – the equivalent of providing food to over 2,500 households. We increased our totals in 2010 by more than 60%, gleaning 23,000 pounds of fruit, or the equivalent of feeding 4,000 households. And in the current year, our ambitious goal is to increase over totals again by more than 60% to 36,000 pounds, which will support 6,500 households.

The Minnesota Project would like to thank SUPERVALU and General Mills for their generous support, and we would like to reach out to you to help us meet our lofty 2011 goals. Fruit of the City is only successful if we can get the volunteer support from the community to help us coordinate and participate in our gleanings. Key to meeting our goals is the continuous improvement of the quality of the gleanings because of the narrow window for when the fruits can be picked.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved, please contact Heidi Coe, Fruits of the City Coordinator at The Minnesota Project, 651-789-3321 or via e-mail at:


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