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The Minnesota Project Works Towards Farm Efficiency

November 12, 2010

The rise of sustainable thinking has ushered in a new era of energy efficient practices and technological upgrades. Both individuals and companies have turned their attention and resources towards improving the efficiency of homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces. This shift away from traditional energy usage shows promise as a means to spur innovation and decrease both financial and environmental costs.

In the midst of this positive tide change, however, one of Minnesota’s most prevalent industries has been largely overlooked. Minnesota’s farms stand as a great opportunity to take steps towards a more sustainable future. Farms are capable of consuming large amounts of energy, but the lack of attention given to farm efficiency means increased difficulty for farmers looking to reduce energy usage. In many cases, practices that decrease agricultural energy consumption are easy to implement and can cut costs for Minnesota’s farmers.

Here at the Minnesota Project, we hope to increase the current level of awareness surrounding agricultural energy opportunities, and we are excited to act as a resource through our Farm Energy Efficiency Program, which seeks to improve energy efficiency on farms through a combination of outreach, education, policy and program development, and collaboration.

The Minnesota Project has created two new documents, available on our website, to help farmers gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding farm energy efficiency implementation:

Improving Farm Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Navigating the Process, will help farmers navigate the steps implementing an energy efficiency project would likely take. The guide provides advice on how to become most knowledgeable about the energy use and potential for savings on your farm and how to use this knowledge to cut costs and save energy. The guide also includes a compilation of the best tools and resources for evaluating energy efficiency opportunities.

Energy Efficient Farms: Identifying the Proper Improvements, delves most directly into identifying the types of technologies and conservation practices farmers can use on their operations to help save them money. The document discusses energy efficiency opportunities common to all types of farms, and also includes specific advice for specific types of farm operations. In addition to advice on the best practices, the guide also provides a rundown of analytical tools and utility rebates likely available to interested farmers.

In addition to these new guides, the Minnesota Project offers several other resources and outreach efforts. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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