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Green Kitchens: what’s behind your restaurant’s menu?

November 4, 2010

Rebecca Harnik, a Minnesota GreenCorps member serving at The Minnesota Project, is launching a long-term research study in order to assist restaurants and other establishments in moving towards a more sustainable business model – in short, “greening” their kitchens and businesses. 

Many restaurants know about buying local, but there are many more facets to a sustainable kitchen that go beyond local purchasing. Other practices include reducing energy usage, eliminating toxic chemicals, composting organic waste, and growing herbs and vegetables on site. The goal is for food service and other businesses to share information and successful strategies for implementing affordable, environmentally friendly practices so that more establishments can implement these strategies.

The research study will examine the current actions that businesses have taken towards achieving sustainability.  Further, it will compile the needs, interests, and desires for businesses who would like to take the first steps to move in this direction.  The final result will be a “greening” of kitchens guide that will reflect the demonstrated interests of local businesses and will provide resources for those trying to improve their sustainability.  This guide will be a free service of The Minnesota Project.

If your establishment is interested in beginning the process of greening its practices, we can help to get you started.  If your business has already taken actions that you would like to share with us, we can feature your business in a series of case studies promoting the work of local leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Ultimately this project will allow businesses to independently utilize a comprehensive resource guide to improve their sustainability.

Please contact Rebecca Harnik at  or 651-789-3326 to get involved.

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