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Chipotle’s Clever Contest

October 12, 2010
Processed food costumes

Do you think that the copious quantities of processed foods that we consume are terrifying?

This Halloween, Chipotle is encouraging consumers to cast off their vampire costumes and revamp them with grotesque displays of the American diet: processed and packaged foods.

Replacing the company’s former Halloween celebration (dress like a Chipotle burrito in exchange for a free burrito), this year Chipotle will give customers a burrito for two dollars if they dress like an item from the typical American consumer’s shopping cart. The proceeds will be donated to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution non-profit campaign. It’s a contest, too! Send a photo of yourself to Chipotle, and you could win a cash prize or a “boo”-rrito party for 20 guests.

The whole promotion is meant to bolster Chipotle’s image as a nutritious place to eat;  they have been working hard to source more food locally and with integrity.

The event is especially wittily  juxtaposed with one of the most gluttonous, processed and sugary nights in America for kids.  At least Chipotle might get some beans and rice in those tummies beforehand?

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  1. Rebecca Harnik permalink
    November 15, 2010 3:29 pm

    Here are the results. The winner definitely deserved to win, given what he smeared on himself!

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