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Some Unusually Productive Trees

September 23, 2010

At a typical gleaning event, Fruits of the City volunteers pick two, three, maybe four boxes of fruit.  In recent weeks, however, we have been blessed with some unusually productive trees.

On Saturday the 11th of this month, a volunteer team filled ten Cub Foods boxes with pears from a backyard tree in Lakeville.  The tree was, as it turned out, just one of three trees bulging with pears.  Since there was simply too much fruit to pick in a single morning, our neighborhood coordinator Lindsey decided to set up another gleaning for the following Saturday.  In the meantime, a volunteer dropped off 448 pounds of the pears at a food shelf on Waconia, and I delivered the remaining 185 pounds to a food shelf in North Minneapolis.

Also that week, Second Harvest Heartland gave me the phone number of a treeowner in Corcoran who said he had three trees ready for harvesting.  We had already lined up the Lakeville trees for Saturday, and another tree for Thursday, so it was going to be a challenge finding the time and volunteers needed to pick the Corcoran trees.  Not wanting to miss this opportunity, however, I set up the gleaning for Friday afternoon and recruited a few volunteers to help out.

In retrospect, I’m glad I did!  Many of the apples on the Corcoran trees were of store quality.  These trees were, moreover, packed with apples:

Here is a picture of the overall yield, a total of 496 pounds of fruit that a volunteer and I delivered to food shelves in St. Louis Park and North Minneapolis:

As for our second gleaning event in Lakeville, the team picked a staggering 838 pounds of pears, all of which went to food shelves in Waconia and Northfield.  I’m not sure if this picture includes all of the fruit, but here are the volunteers with their bounty:

Of course, Fruits of the City is about much more than picking and donating as much fruit as possible.  The program is also about making new friends and enjoying the nice weather (while it lasts!) and providing food shelf patrons with fresh, healthy choices.  That said, we sure do like productive trees.

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  1. Dave Glenn permalink*
    October 8, 2010 11:57 am

    Josh, good blog, good work and good recognition to all those who helped with these gleanings.



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