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Agricultural Producers and Stakeholders, Please Take Our Survey

November 30, 2009

As part of our effort to develop and pursue policies and programs that more effectively integrate natural resource conservation into land management practices, The Minnesota Project has developed a quick 4 minute survey to obtain the opinions of agricultural producers and other stakeholders on natural resource management policies and options.  Survey results will be used to assess satisfaction with current policies and programs as well as ascertain stakeholder interest in a range of novel programs that could potentially improve the natural resources conservation delivery system.  Proposed programs seek different marketplace methods of integrating the value of natural resources into the value of commodities produced from working lands.

Proposed programs include a natural resources credit trading system designed much like a carbon credit trading system, two different carbon scoring systems in which products would receive and display carbon scores, and a sustainability standard by which commodities meeting the standard would receive a higher payment, much like the Forest Stewardship Council ( certification applied to wood products meeting sustainability standards.  For more information on a carbon scoring system already in operation, visit an earlier blog post about carbon footprint labeling in Sweden.

To take the survey, just follow this link:  Your opinions are vital to developing a more effective and efficient natural resource conservation system.

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