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Happy 30th Anniversary to The Minnesota Project

November 3, 2009

picture for blog webOn October  24, 2009 more than 80 people gathered at the SteppingStone Theater to celebrate The Minnesota Project’s 30th Anniversary.  Highlights of the evening included a timeline marking significant achievements over the past 30 years such as recycling efforts in rural Minnesota, anaerobic digesters, wind initiatives, and local food programs; displays about current programs in agriculture, clean energy and local foods; local food provided by ChowGirls served as a “waste free event” with compostable food and beverage containers; and eco-humor in the “Prom Night, 2039” viewing our future through the eyes of youth.   The event was held to recognize and thank former staff, board members, and volunteers and was also designed to welcome new supporters and volunteers for The Minnesota Project.  Beth Waterhouse, friend and former Executive Director of The Minnesota Project explained why The Minnesota Project chose art as a venue to celebrate the past and move them into the future, “Good art takes us into a moment and away from our desks, and then it might bring us circling back with refreshed energy.”

It was a lively evening filled with meeting new friends, reminiscing, laughing, eating, listening, and art.—art that could take us away for a moment and then circle us back to take action for a more sustainable future in 2039.

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