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Minnesota Project Planning Free Energy Workshop for Nonprofits and Building Owners

October 30, 2009

Energy Innovation Corridor

Becoming Green Stewards

How Nonprofits and Building Owners Can Protect the Environment and Cut Costs through Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy


Tuesday, November 10, 2009 from 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM (CT)
Wilder Center | 451 Lexington Pkwy N | St. Paul, MN
Organized by The Minnesota Project
Cost: Free!

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Reduce your organization’s impact on the earth, and soften the impact of energy costs on your bottom line!

Why Should You Attend? At this free workshop you’ll find out how to take the next steps on your own and with energy-saving programs to help your organization or company be good stewards of our planet’s resources and make budget dollars go further. You will also learn more about the Energy Innovation Corridor, and have the opportunity to discuss next steps with energy experts and network with other nonprofit and building management professionals.

Building Partnerships for Success: Building owners and tenants have a stake and a role when it comes to energy use, and should be partners in saving energy. If you are a building owner, bring your tenants with you; If you are a tenant, invite your building owner!


Workshop Agenda

Anne Hunt, City of St. Paul

Opening Remarks
Melvin Carter, St. Paul City Council

Importance of Conservation & Efficiency
Rebecca Baumann, The Minnesota Project

The Energy Innovation Corridor
Karin Berkholtz, City of Minneapolis

Xcel Energy Conservation Programs
James Catalano, Xcel Energy

CenterPoint Energy Conservation Programs
Angie Kline, CenterPoint Energy

Saving Big through Lighting Retrofits
Kristen Funk, Center for Energy and Environment

Wells Fargo Public Finance Program
Liam Higgins, Wells Fargo

Taking Action to Save Energy: Next Steps
Dan Thiede, The Minnesota Project

Open time to chat with energy experts and peers


About the Energy Innovation Corridor (EIC):

Located within one of the most unique urban communities in the country, the Energy Innovation Corridor was formed to create a sustainable energy and transportation showcase. The first-of-its-kind, this clean energy and transportation model extends along the 11-mile Central Corridor light rail transit project route, from downtown Saint Paul to Target Field in downtown Minneapolis, along Washington and University avenues, via the Minnesota State Capitol and entire University of Minnesota-Minneapolis campus.

Locally, businesses, residents and travelers in the area will benefit from one of the most sophisticated energy and transportation infrastructure systems ever developed, by offering options integrated in a way never before seen. Every member of the community along the corridor will be given the opportunity to experience the future of renewable energy, advanced energy efficiency programs, electric transportation and smart energy technologies.

The Energy Innovation Corridor will advance critical local, state, regional and federal efforts to invest in alternative and renewable energy, address global climate change and create new jobs. This commitment will help the Energy Innovation Corridor be at the forefront of various state, regional and national policies as they relate to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

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