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Fruit Foraging is a Sweet Deal

October 28, 2009


It’s always exciting to be reminded that good things are gaining momentum in this country. This article from the New York Times is a few months old, but it does a wonderful job of capturing the fruit gleaning movement that inspired and informed Fruits of the City.

The article focuses mostly on fruit foragers who have set up different methods of sharing the season’s bounty with neighbors. From small fruit co-ops in California to $1 bags of plums from a backyard tree in Brooklyn, neighbors are reconnecting by sharing the fresh fruit that is too much for them to handle on their own. These efforts are going a long way to bring people together and use what would otherwise go to waste.

green plums

The article also mentions organizations like  the Portland Fruit Tree Project,  and that’s who has really inspired Fruits of the City. It’s important to us that most of the fruit we glean goes to folks who might not otherwise have a chance to get fresh produce. Redistributing the bounty of the season, so that tree owners don’t have the throw it away, volunteers get to bring home fruit of their own, and food shelf patrons get to choose something fresh and local for a change, is what we’re all about.

There are a myriad of ways to harvest, distribute, and enjoy the fruits of the season, and we’re so glad that the number of people who care about doing so is growing. The future is looking more delicious every day!




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