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Owatonna & Austin Utilities Use Psychology to Drive Residential Energy Savings

May 20, 2009

Owatonna Public Utilities, in partnership with Austin Utilities, is the fourth utility in the country to use Positive Energy’s Conserve and $ave Home Energy Report program to allow their customers to compare their usage to neighbors whose homes are of comparable size, and make energy efficiency choices accordingly.

The utilities are on their way to achieving the primary goals of the program:

  • Reduce consumption by 1.5% across all homes
  • Increase participation in other energy efficiency programs
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Tap into the behavior change as a measureable means of reducing consumption

This video, produced by Rick Fuentes at Fresh Energy and Chuck Laszewski at Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, features Roger Warehime of Owatonna Public Utilities, a member of the Southeast CERT steering committee. Warehime gave a presentation about the program at the CERTs 2009 Conference.

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