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Support Low-Income Weatherization & Good Green Jobs for All

May 5, 2009


Our government is making big decisions about how to stimulate our economy by investing in infrastructure, renewable energy, conservation programs and green technologies. The Minnesota Project and HIRE Minnesota want to make sure that people who need jobs the most benefit from those investments.

HIRE stands for health care, infrastructure, and renewable energy, and is a coalition of community organizations that are seeking public investments that jump-start our economy, provide access for all people to jobs, training and living wages, start to ease the climate crisis and promote healthy communities.

Last week, hundreds of Minnesotans sent emails to their senators and representatives who will decide the fate of the weatherization bill at the State Capitol. They asked them to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to the training, employment, and home energy efficiency opportunities created by federal stimulus funded weatherization activities in our state.

Now they need you to tell them in person. Please come to the conference committee meeting for the weatherization bill tomorrow morning if you are able, and tell your friends and colleagues to join you:

Wednesday, May 6
Minnesota State Capitol
Begins at 9:00am
Meet at 8:30 am in Capitol Rotunda 
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul

This committee will make the final decisions on the weatherization bill. We need a huge turnout to ensure our legislators know this bill must benefit women, low-income people, and people of color.

Together we can create new jobs, protect our environment and strengthen our communities. Be prepared! Be heard! Learn more at If you haven’t sent an email to the conference committee members yet, you still have time to take action. The deadline to act is 8 am Wednesday morning!

Watch this video to learn more about HIRE Minnesota and the imperative for passing a good weatherization bill:

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