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A Cleaner Car Means a Better Minnesota

April 30, 2009

Currently, Minnesota air pollution continues to increase due in large part to the state’s transportation system.  Transportation accounts for a quarter of Minnesota’s global warming emissions and produces over half of the air toxins that hinder the state’s surface waters.  These same air toxins contribute to cancer, asthma, and respiratory tract irritation.  However, by adopting a clean car standard the state would substantially reduce Minnesota’s air pollution and provide additional benefits in the process. 

An effective way to drastically cut harmful emissions involves a clean car standard.  A report done by the Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group (MCCAG) prove the value of a clean car standard to reduce emissions.  According to the studies, if the state implemented a clean car standard this could result in a 13 million metric ton reduction of global warming pollution by 2025. Read the Official MCCAG Report 

Moreover, in adopting a clean car standard Minnesota not only would reduce emissions, but would experience additional benefits.  A different analysis from Environment Minnesota found that with a clean car standard Minnesotans would save 146 million gallons of fuel in 2020 or the same as taking approximately 245,000 cars off the road for a year in 2020.  Most of all, Minnesotans would enjoy a cleaner environment and a better overall quality of life.

Already, fourteen other states have adopted a stringent clean car standard to help reduce their emissions.  These fourteen states, consisting of over half the US population, see the benefits to a cleaner mode of transportation.  In adopting a clean car standard, Minnesotans would enjoy healthier living, a cleaner state, and a lower cost of living.  For further information click here.

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