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Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar Becomes Newest Member of Heartland Food Network

April 29, 2009

Gluek's Restaurant and Bar

Gluek's Restaurant and Bar

Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar, a 75-year old family owned and operated bar and restaurant, is one of the newest members of the Heartland Food Network. Although not usually associated with sustainable dining, Gluek’s has quietly been implementing a host of green practices in it’s historic building on north 6th Street in downtown Minneapolis.

Gluek’s recently joined the heartland Food Network as a way to find more local foods, and to share their excitement about local, sustainable foods and environmentally friendly dining with the public.  Dave Holcomb, who is a co-owner along with his sister Linda, says that Gluek’s has been using local, sustainable foods and energy saving practices in their kitchen and bar operations for about 5 years.

“It’s really been a passion of mine,” says Holcomb. “I think we can really make a difference by reducing the energy used in the bar and buying as much local foods as we can. We love providing this good food to customers, and supporting green practices at the same time.”

They purchase humanely-raised and grass-fed beef, bison, and chicken from local sources, and buy as much locally grown produce in season as possible from the farmers market and Northwestern Fruit distributors. Their coffee and tea is fair-trade certified.

Food From Gluek's Menu

Food From Gluek's Menu

Gluek’s is taking other measures to go green: Gluek’s composts all of their food and restaurant waste with Eureka Recycling. The owners drive vegetable-oil vehicles fueled by used fryer oil from the kitchen, and they also give away this oil to others to use their vehicles.

They have installed CFL bulbs in the bar where feasible, and plan to build a green roof on top of the building soon to produce food, reduce runoff, and perhaps provide a place to relax in the summertime. They are replacing their appliances with Energy Certified appliances, and have insulated pipes and installed a timer on the water heater so it only heats water when needed.

Next time you are in downtown Minneapolis and seek local, sustainable good food at affordable prices, stop in to Gluek’s. Tell them you appreciate their efforts to go green!

2009 member logoGluek’s Restaurant and Bar
Owners: Dave and Linda Holcomb
16 North 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN  55403

What is the Heartland Food Network? The Heartland Food Network, a program of the Minnesota Project, is a collaboration of Minnesota restaurants, caterers, colleges, and other food service buyers and distributors whose mission is to encourage the use of local and sustainable foods as a way to build stronger communities, healthier lives and a cleaner environment.

HFN helps members find, use, and promote  local foods in their establishments – to learn more or to join, click here.

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